We Finally Get a Boise Address

It has been one heck of a week.

Brad and I have spent about 12 hours together in the past 5 days, with me spending last weekend in Phoenix and him in Boise this week. A couple of those hours consisted of building a dam out of towels in our apartment. We were about to leave for the airport when it sounded as if the shower had turned itself on. Brad rushed into the bathroom and exclaimed that water was pouring from the ceiling.

titanic jack rose

No one drowned and our personal items weren’t harmed. Brad still made it to the airport, but our hallway resembled a scene from “The Shining.”


The closet has turned into a construction zone after maintenance determined the carpet was too soaked to salvage.

flooded closet


I managed to remain sane over the past few days thanks to our helpful neighbors who lent towels and manpower to move items out of the closet. The Ben & Jerry’s that Brad bought me as a belated Valentines Day present also helped.

While our current apartment seems to be falling apart at the seams, we found a place in Boise that will hopefully remain intact while we live there.

exploding house

(Just kidding, new landlords! We promise to keep it in one piece)

The new place is next to Boise’s Camel’s Back Park (unfortunately, real camels do not live there), and it’s walking distance to Hyde Park, another favorite area of the city.

It’s a HUGE relief to know we actually have a place to live. While the move is still a month away (approximately 25 days as I post this), we seem to be hurling toward the moving date at the speed of light. Every weekend is booked from now until we move. There are several fun events planned, including a family reunion in Texas and a Hobbit-themed going away party, but I find myself wondering if I’ll have a chance to take a deep breath before saying good-bye.

But as I said earlier, we have 25 days left. I’ll wait at least another five days before getting sappy.

In the meantime, since we’ve locked down our next place of residence, I guess it’s time to start searching for my next job. Anyone have suggestions on my next career choice? Psychic? Mime? Professional shopper? I’m open to suggestions.

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