One Week Left in DC

Six days until we drive out of of the 202. Or should we say one week?

Whatever it may be, we’re leaving DC soon.

I feel like our house should be more chaotic than it is right now. Because there are only a few packing supplies scattered around and a couple of boxes stacked, I’m beginning to think I haven’t been accomplishing as much as I should.

packing mickey

But moving is more than packing. You have to set up new utility accounts for the next apartment, and cancel your current ones. You need to forward your mail and begin changing the mailing address on bills. You have to make a list of all the food that you have in hopes that you can eat it all before you leave and won’t have to throw out any perfectly good leftovers.

eating everything

Then there are luncheons scheduled, dinners to be had, and goodbyes to be said.

This is really happening. We’re leaving the place that we called home for the past four years.

I’m still getting the anxious looks from people and the disbelieving “are you excited?” questions. We spent the past weekend in Texas for a family reunion, my great-grandmother’s 100th birthday, and my sister’s baby shower. We brought along a picture book of Boise to show everyone that our new city is full of beautiful trees, a clean river, rolling hills and a P.F. Chang’s. What more could one need?

Pretty soon I’ll be less Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and more Marge Loves Potatoes.

The reunion/birthday party was a great time to spend with family. I put aside the mile-long To Do List that lives inside my brain to focus on spending time with people that I don’t get to see that often. And now that we’ve celebrated my great-grandmother, reunited with distant family members, and showered my pregnant sister with love, I can finally focus on moving.

It’s time for every item we own to find a home in a box so that they’ll survive a three day drive. The neighborhood liquor store was kind enough to give us free boxes, and we’re slowly going through our items to determine what won’t be making the cross-country trip. It’s a bit overwhelming and I can’t help but wonder if I bought enough bubble wrap for all our items.

Zooey crying gif

Through it all I continue to remember the wise words that my 100 year old great-grandmother said this weekend. She said that we choose our reactions and feelings about life events. It’s my choice to face this big, giant exciting change with a touch of humor and some amount of flexibility. That’ll also probably be good for the sanity of my husband.

But if you do find me crying in the fetal position, cradling a tape dispenser, just pat me on the head and promise me that everything will be ok even if we arrive in Boise with a few broken dishes.


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Celebrating my great-grandmother's 100th birthday!

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1 thought on “One Week Left in DC

  1. What fun at your place . Happy for you that you were able to go to your GGrandma’s Bday. Know that meant a lot to her and the rest of your family. In May Jackie and I are flying to Seattle for my sister’s 100th. Maybe I will get to see you on the way. Love the way Minnie (or Mickey) are packing. Didn’t see it first time around. Love you, Cokee


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