No More Kitten’ Around

There’s a kitten sitting on my head.

I’m not sure exactly why I thought we should adopt a kitten on our first official Saturday as Boise residents, but it seemed like a grand plan for like 20 minutes.

I blame the dresser.

I was a Craigslist high after purchasing a dresser to replace the Ikea one we had left in DC. We loaded it up in the farm truck that we’ve borrowed from Brad’s dad and started driving home. Then I wondered what else we could find on Craigslist and decided to look for a kitten.

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Kittening is hard. #idagriff

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It’s been our plan to get Betsy a kitten. We’re spending two weeks in Australia/New Zealand in October and wanted to get Betsy a playmate for that time. But getting a kitten when we weren’t even fully unpacked is not be my best idea ever.

After finding a Craigslist ad, responding, visiting, and handing over $15 to reserve the kitten, we left her with her first owners and headed to car dealership. Yes, you read that right. We bought a dresser, adopted a kitten, and then decided to buy a car. It was only once we started looking at cars that I began wondering “WHAT HAVE I DONE.”

overwhelmed brave gif

It’s been two weeks since we drove out of the city and I saw my last glimpse of the Potomac. It would seem that I might be homesick or lonely, but I haven’t had a chance to feel much of anything yet beyond overwhelmed.

Yesterday that feeling began to dissipate a bit as I unpacked the last box. There are still a few finishing touches to make to the apartment, but Boise is finally beginning to feel like home. It doesn’t hurt that I made a doctor’s appointment today. Nothing quite says “home sweet home” like finding a doctor in a new city.

We haven’t had much opportunity to explore Boise unless it involves running errands. The one spot that we find ourselves revisiting is just a few steps from a front door. A trail leading into the foothills is easy to access from our apartment building, and we’ve taken advantage of the location several times. It’s not only a great way to get exercise, but also to spend time together without any technology, chores or cats distracting us.

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Exploring the trail behind our apartment.

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There have been times in the past few week that I’ve wondered what in the world I’m doing in Idaho. Every time that we step onto one of those hiking trails, I’m reminded. We left DC for a quieter, better lifestyle, and I do believe we’ve found it here. I just have to remind myself when I begin to find myself drowning in uncertainty.

boise id camel back

I’ve already begun the job hunt, but I’ll be finding new ways to settle in. Now that I have a doctor, it’s time to find a place to volunteer while I’m “funemployed.”

As for the kitten? Her name is Ida and she’s settling in. She’s so very small, we were told she was 9 weeks but the vet confirmed she’s closer to seven weeks. So now we have a baby living with us, and she even wakes us up in the middle of the night crying. Did adopting a kitten add to my anxiety? Oh, absolutely. But she’s part of the family now and I wouldn’t change it for a thing.

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Adventures in (Kitten)sitting. #idagriff

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