My (Not So Pinterest) Perfect Life

I am officially Pinterest Perfect.

Well, not quite. But this whole “funemployment” thing means I have a lot of free time. Which is why I can now browse the Internet and Pinterest for recipe ideas, compile meal plans, and spend quality time at the grocery store.

I would say I’m becoming quite the professional stay-at-home cat mom.

(Here are a few of my favorite new recipes: Greek Yogurt Egg Salad, Crash Hot Potatoes, & Roasted Endives)

While my recipe collection is growing, sometimes I think I may be losing my mind. I try to get out of the apartment every day to run errands and explore Boise, but I still find myself talking to the cats waaaaay too much.

cat lady simpsons

Which is why it was wonderful to escape to McCall, ID with Brad on Friday. He had meetings in the tourist destination known for its ski slopes and Payette Lake, so I tagged along to see a new part of Idaho (a bonus of “funemployment” for sure).

Payette Lake in McCall, ID

Payette Lake in McCall, ID

McCall is beautiful and still maintains a small town feel, while offering multiple recreation options. It wasn’t the ideal time to visit McCall (it was 50 degrees), but it was nice to see the town while tourists were few and far between.

smores at shore lodge

This is my husband. He’s much better at roasting marshmallows than my own impatient self.

After spoiling ourselves with dinner at Shore Lodge, we ventured outside to see more of the lake view and to indulge in s’mores. S’MORES. Toasted marshmallows are probably one of my favorite things in the world. While we’re talking about how obsessed I am with Pinterest lately, here’s a recipe for s’mores dip I found on the site. Did you know you can buy a skillet off of Amazon? I’m really not sure I ever need to leave the apartment again.

This Texas girl is trying to keep her cool when surrounded by trees and mountains. I spent the drive to and from McCall oohing and awing over the landscape. Brad is used to my impulsive picture taking, so he was kind enough to pull over plenty of times for photo opps.


North Fork Payette River Bridge

North Fork Payette River Bridge

The ability to “get away from it all” is always a great feeling, but when you’re in such an idyllic locations, you begin daydreaming. I can’t tell you how many times I said “this is adorable, let’s move here” on our drive to McCall. Tiny towns with populations of about 500 that were nestled in valleys between the rolling hills. Sure, we aren’t actually going to move there. But I think that we as people can tend to fall into the idea that if we moved to a new city, then our troubles will disappear.

Some of our troubles do disappear when we pack up and change zip codes. For example, I no longer have to worry about finding a parking spot near my apartment during Nationals baseball games. But we still take who we are with us, wherever we go.

I blame the media for my belief that massive change can happen immediately. When I was in high school, I would daydream about the first day of the school year. Every August, I would dream about appearing for first period of every one of my classmates being awed by how beautiful I had become over the summer.

transformation princess diaries gif

It was my own ugly duckling/beautiful swan fantasy (that never came true because only in books/movies do people blossom during a hot, dry Texas summer).

At this point, I expect my peak age/year of the swan to appear around 35.

DC, Chicago, New York City, Waco, Boise… I’ve been the same old Brianna in all of those places. Perhaps not NYC. I was a different Brianna in that city and I’m still not sure how I survived those eight months. That confirms my suspicions that my mother’s prayers do work.

That’s the beauty of having a travel companion. Brad is sure to let me know when I’m acting out of character, but he still allows me to explore and try new things (i.e. learning how to cook endives, a vegetable I had never even heard of before “Chopped). Which reminds me, have you tried essential oils? The Boise Brianna is quite smitten with them. Maybe I’ll make a Pinterest board dedicated to essential oils…

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