The Art of Settling In

Adulting is exhausting.

boring adults

It seems like all I’ve been doing lately is filling out forms and signing things.

But I’m supposed to keep that all under wraps for a few more days, so I can’t exactly tell you why I’ve been filling out paperwork like it’s my job. Hey, I don’t make the rules for when I can tell you people things. It’s the cats who run the show.

hello this is dog

Beyond the entire adulting thing, I’ve been settling into Boise.

Or, at least, I think I’ve been settling into Boise.

I’m not really sure what it means to “settle into” a place, but people keep asking if I’ve done it, and I keep just answering yes. They also ask if I like Boise, which makes me wonder if people ever reply no. Thankfully, I do like Boise, but I also didn’t know that I had a choice to like Boise.

I’ve moved. A lot.

I put my fingers to use and came up with 10 different cities that I’ve lived in. I’ve liked all of those cities, well, except for one. I’ve liked nine of those cities because each city was unique and had something special to offer. Except for that one place, but we won’t talk about it.

DC has history and power, NYC has amazing food and interesting people, and even Bandera, TX (population: 861) has friendly people, cowboys and scenic views.

Boise is beautiful. I was sad and lonely yesterday while sitting in the Sears parking lot. Then I looked up and BAM there were the foothills hovering above the trees surrounding the mall. It was hard to be sad with such a beautiful view.

downtown Boise, ID

Downtown Boise, ID

We have lived here for almost two months, and I can’t determine if that’s a long time or not. What does it mean to be settled in, anyway? For me, it means knowing the location of items in the grocery store. Or how to get to at least one location without using the Maps app. It’s having all of the boxes unpacked and everything in its place.

What helps the most for Boise to feel like home is family. And they aren’t even my family,… or I guess they are now? I don’t know. Marriage is weird.

Last Saturday we celebrated Brad’s birthday with 13 people in the cellar of Capitol Cellars. It was comforting to be surrounded by people that I knew and knew me. Brunches, babysitting, long walks, even pulling weeds, these are all activities that I’ve been able to do with Brad’s (my?) family. It’s made this “funemployment” even better.

family hug

There are times I think how weird it is that I live in Idaho. These usually occur whenever I have to look at paperwork containing my old addresses, like Illinois or New York City. It’s also weird that I go on hikes weekly, and I’m trying to determine when we can go camping next. It wasn’t that long ago that I had happy hours on rooftops with a view of the Empire State Building or the White House.

never look back

It’s not like I’m complaining about my new views though. They are just as beautiful.

Camel Back Park Boise Idaho

Camel Back Park in Boise, ID

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