Anniversary of Beginnings

Brad and I spent last weekend in Sun Valley, ID, to celebrate our first anniversary.

It was great to getaway and enjoy the beautiful views of the ski resort town. This past year has been busy. It’s been a year of beginnings. Moving across the country, starting a new job, being unemployed, making new friends… and buying a house.

That’s right. A HOUSE. We bought a house. So I guess we’re staying here.

Which means I have to pack. Again.

merlin pack books

Brad and I are both prettttty excited about owning a new house. So you probably don’t want to talk to us for a while unless you want to discuss the pros and cons of ceramic versus porcelain tile. For our anniversary, we decided to push pause on house items, such as shopping for a washer & dryer (isn’t that exciting?) and picking out paint colors (ok, that is exciting).

liz lemon house hunters

But more on all that house stuff later.

I’m still in awe of the fact that I live in a place that has mountains.

Sun Valley Bald Mountain

Bald Mountain in Sun Valley, ID

In Texas we have the Hill Country (also known as God’s Country), but not a lot of mountains. There’s a plus side to not living near mountains though– your husband can’t make you climb them.

If you had told me four years ago that I would be celebrating my wedding anniversary hiking and biking, I would have laughed in your face. That’s the great thing about marriage though — you get to learn and experience new things thanks to your partner. Which is why later that night we went to an amazing restaurant that I had heard about called Rickshaw and I introduced Brad to Ramen and Korean Fried Chicken. See? We’re a giving couple. I do athletic things with him, he eats food with me.

ron eating harry potter

We then ended the night doing our favorite things. That’s right! We played a board game, drank champagne, made s’mores and watched Chopped. How romantic.

The next day we decided to brave the darkening skies and headed out for a bike ride. We were prepared for the rain, but not the hail. But hey, nothing says adventure quite like seeking shelter from hail under an underpass.

Ketchum Sun Valley Idaho bike trail

Bike trail in Ketchum, ID

We did meet a very friendly cat on the bike trail (don’t worry – we didn’t bring him home). We attract cats like magnets and I like it.

Ketchum Sun Valley Idaho bike trail

Bike Trail in Ketchum, ID

Now we’ve returned to the real world and that includes weekly trips to home improvement stores (just window shopping things like lawn mowers…) and slowly packing up the items that we unpacked two months ago. But until our official moving day on June 13th, we’ll be binging on HGTV and scouring stores for carpet choices.

Did I mention that our house has an apartment that we plan on renovating? No? Must’ve slipped my mind. Don’t worry– I’m sure I’ll be blogging about our attempt at Extreme Home Makeover-ing.

love it or list it

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