A Night Among the Stars at Stargazer Yurt in Idaho City

“This as far as I can go,” I said, and slipped the giant backpack off my shoulders and let it fall into the snow.
snowshoeing stargazer yurt boise national forest idaho

My husband, Brad, and I were hiking our way to a yurt in the Boise National Forest. This was our first time snowshoeing and hiking with the large backpacking packs. The climb up to the Stargaze Yurt is about 1.4 miles (not bad), but the elevation increase of 550 feet makes for a workout. That, along with the 30 or 40 pounds of food strapped to my back and new snowshoes strapped to my feet, explained my inability to continue on.

We stuck the pack on the side of the path and kept trekking. The yurt wasn’t much further, but was much higher. Brad and I would continue the climb, and then he’d come back for my abandoned pack. What can I say? I am spoiled.

snowshoeing stargazer yurt boise national forest idaho

The Idaho Parks and Recreation runs the six yurts that you can rent in the Boise National Forest, though one was unfortunately lost in the forest fires that occurred last summer. The Stargaze Yurt has the highest elevation of all the yurts, sitting atop a rise at 6,569 feet. Quite a view.

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Running Towards Loving Myself

My entire life is a construction zone.

Not only have Brad and I been working overtime to finish renovating our guest house/apartment so we  can get it rented out, but even my office has undergone an overhaul. Thankfully, I’m not expected to help with the construction in my office building, but there seems to be a thin layer of dust covering almost every aspect of my life. If not dust, then paint. This morning I found white paint on my legs. I haven’t painted with white for about a week now, and I promise I’ve showered since then.

community paintball fight

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Anniversary of Beginnings

Brad and I spent last weekend in Sun Valley, ID, to celebrate our first anniversary.

It was great to getaway and enjoy the beautiful views of the ski resort town. This past year has been busy. It’s been a year of beginnings. Moving across the country, starting a new job, being unemployed, making new friends… and buying a house.

That’s right. A HOUSE. We bought a house. So I guess we’re staying here.

Which means I have to pack. Again.

merlin pack books

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