One Week Left in DC

Six days until we drive out of of the 202. Or should we say one week?

Whatever it may be, we’re leaving DC soon.

I feel like our house should be more chaotic than it is right now. Because there are only a few packing supplies scattered around and a couple of boxes stacked, I’m beginning to think I haven’t been accomplishing as much as I should.

packing mickey

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My 5 Favorite Places to See in DC

We’ve been quite busy over the last few weeks.

Not actually doing anything productive concerning “THE BIG MOVE,” but rather spending quality time with some of our favorite people. That included Brad’s parents who visited from Idaho, and my grad school friend, Catherine, who came for a weekend from New York City.

We love showing people around DC. And thankfully, we know the city very well. A friend of mine pointed out that our “DC Bucket List” mainly consists of restaurants, and I was quick to realize that’s because we’ve already done a lot in DC (and we both love food).

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I’ve been getting a lot of funny looks lately. 

Some side-eyes, a few questioning looks, and even more concerned frowns.


Because my husband Brad and I are leaving the thriving metropolis (I like that word. It makes it sound like Superman lives here) of Washington, DC for Boise, Idaho.

I’ve spent about 16 hours total in Boise. It seems like a nice place to live.

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